My songs & more...


I have played, improvised, composed and sung at the piano since my childhood.         
hat's why I've written a lot of
songs in the meantime.
I'm accompanied by Hannes Richter or Norbert Böhme on drums. Live on stage we are
Eleven of my songs have been arranged by Denis Henry as "Alphan" in Paris.
On my website you can listen to a selection of these demos.
Also "Sir Faltenhall", "Jean Cousteau" and Hannes Richter have recorded some demo versions of my songs.

Dinner music
and cover songs also belong to my program.
More information
you can find under

In recent years I have also discovered my passion for playing the organ.

Indeed, I have met many good friends on my way.

I thank them all, here especially those who have helped me with my website: 

Ljuba, Ljuda and Dimitri Khazanovitch,
Anastassija Ramamurthy,
Denis Henry,

Edoardo Seianis,
Udo Tanske,
Klaus Blieligk,
Herbert Weisrock
and my parents.